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The Best Online Flight Simulator Games Are

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The two best online flight simulator games are Virtual Pilot 3D and Pro Flight Simulator. Here’s why, These two flight simulators offer the most realistic flight experience money can buy. Not nearly as much money compared to other well known flight simulators on the market today.

We’ll get to the money part later.  There are many more reasons why Virtual Pilot 3D and Pro Flight Simulator are the two best flight simulator games available today. I have flown both flight simulators. These simulators rule the skies! Fly at Mach 2 or fly at a slower pace. How about, 110 knots on a cross country flight.

Now, before I go any further. I want to let you know. I consider these two flight simulators to be in a separate category from the other well known flight simulators. Flight simulators like Microsoft and X-Plane for example. Sell a physical product that you insert into your game console or computer.

Screenshot Virtual Pilot 3D Pro Flight Simulator*Screenshots from Pro Flight Simulator’s & Virtual Pilot 3D’s (OFFICIAL WEBSITES!)

Unlike those flight simulators, Virtual Pilot 3D and Pro Flight Simulator are digital products. This means that you can download the game immediately after purchase. There’s no need to wait one or two weeks for shipping and handling. You can literally start flying in mere minutes from now.

It is for this reason among many others. I consider Pro Flight Simulator and Virtual Pilot 3D the best flight simulators in the digital market. Which ever flight simulator you decide to buy, I think you’ll agree. Another advantage you have is both flight simulators offer FREE life-time updates for life!

This includes new airplanes and helicopters. Updates will also include software such as scenery and graphics. This is such a huge benefit. You flight simulator continues to improve for its entire life-time. Try and buy a game for your PS3 or Xbox and see if those games offer FREE updates forever.

Virtual Pilot 3D Is One Of The Best Online Flight Simulator Games Period

Virtual Pilot 3D Logo 2

I chose Virtual Pilot 3D as the best of the two. It really was a toss up. Both flight simulators offer almost the same amount of features. So, what’s so special about Virtual Pilot 3D? The answer is, everything! They really left no stone unturned. Their attention to every detail is second to none.

The creators are Mark Duran, Ozil Aguirre and John Irwin. These three guys are geniuses. They created the most realistic flight simulator I have ever flown. The graphics are FANTASTIC! Depending on your computers capabilities, of course. Prepare to be amazed!

Virtual Pilot 3D Video*Screenshot from Virtual Pilot 3D’s Demo Video (OFFICIAL WEBSITE!)

If you want a realistic flight experience, Virtual Pilot 3D is for you. How realistic you ask? See for yourself and take a flight over New York city at noon on a clear day. You are cruising along at say 3,000 feet. Take a look below and you can actually see the traffic below. When I see all that traffic, it makes me remember why I love to fly.

I have a 27 inch Apple with 4K resolution. The eye popping graphics this flight simulator provides me looks incredible on my computer. This giant screen gives you the illusion of actual flight, without leaving the ground. I wish this flight simulator was around in the late 1980’s when I was a young wide-eyed student pilot.

Did You Know?

Virtual Pilot 3D is FAA Certified and is used for live training worldwide to train professional pilots. That’s right! You can actually use this flight simulator as a training platform. I’m not saying you don’t need a qualified flight instructor. You most certainly do. However, You can train with this flight simulator and save money.

Hours and money can add up quick. If you don’t have deep pockets, you might not be able to finish getting your pilot’s license. Trust me, I know. When I was in my early twenties, I worked two jobs and still never seemed to have enough money for everything I needed. It took far longer to get that license than it should have.

Virtual Pilot 3D FAA Certified*Screenshot from Virtual Pilot 3D’s (OFFICIAL WEBSITE!)

With today’s flight simulators such Virtual Pilot 3D, a lot of that train can be done without fuel, maintenance on the aircraft etc. Flight simulators are efficient and a proven method for training pilots. It’s the most cost effective way to do it. There are other benefits as well. The sky really is the limit as far as utilizing flight simulators for your training.

You still need real hours in the air, but you can practice being a proficient pilot without the hourly rate. Imagine how impressed your flight instructor will be when you climb aboard your Cessna and know exactly what to do. The key to being a good pilot is repetition. Flight simulators offer the best platform to sharpen your skills.

Here Are Just A Few Features Pilot’s Love

   #1. There are over 200 Airplanes and Helicoptors to choose from
   #2. Take-off from over 20,000 real airports from around the world
   #3. Real clickable cockpits (You actually control the plane)
   #4. Real life flight characteristics (Experience weather conditions night or day)

This is just a few of the many features this awesome flight simulator has to offer. Click on the link below now! Visit Virtual Pilot 3D’s official website and check it out for yourself. I promise you won’t be disappointed. I was also able to arrange a 50% DISCOUNT for you. There is also a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee. There’s no risk to you at all!

Virtual Pilot 3D Product ImageVirtual Pilot 3D

   Product Name: Virtual Pilot 3D
   Product Creators: John Irwin, Ozil Aguirre & Mark Duran
   Product Price: $137 $67 (LIMITED TIME ONLY!) 50% OFF!
   Product Website: (OFFICIAL WEBSITE!)
   Jack’s Verdict Is: 100% RECOMMENDED!



*You can pick up your copy of Virtual Pilot 3D here:

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The Second Best Flight Simulator Is Pro Flight Simulator

Pro Flight Simulator Logo 2

I mentioned earlier that it was a real toss up which flight simulator was the best. Some may actually like Pro Flight Simulator more than I do. Either way, you can’t choose a bad flight simulator here. There are a few differences, but not enough to separate the two. Just like Virtual Pilot 3D, Pro Flight Simulator has great graphics.

Just flying over Paris on a clear night will give you the feeling of really being there. The clouds move in real time with birds flying right next to you. The realism is breath-taking! I could go on but I can’t completely describe the graphics to you. You have to experience this awesome flight sim for yourself.

Pro Flight Simulator Video*Screenshot from Pro Flight Simulators’s Demo Video (OFFICIAL WEBSITE!)

Just like Virtual Pilot 3D the attention to detail is what sets these two flight simulators apart from their competitors. If you’re a pilot, you can file a flight plan and take-off to your favorite destination. Or, you can just fly for fun and sight see your way around the world. Fly for real or fun, the choice is yours!

Check Some Of These Features Out!

   #1. It is designed specifically to be REALISTIC
   #2. Fly over 120 Helicoptors & Airplanes
   #3. Fly in rain, wind and snow (Featuring NOAA Weather Service)
   #4. There’s even a multiplayer mode (Featuring Google Maps)

There are many more features that are designed into this wonderful flight simulator. This is the closest you can get to flying a real airplane. The realism is absolutely stunning! If you are not careful, you can easily get lost in the sights and sounds of the simulator and forget to fly your plane.

I’ve crashed a few times sight seeing. You can also fly in any weather condition you want. This is absolutely my favorite part of this flight simulator. You can practice landing in windy and rainy conditions. You will actually have to fly your plane and make to necessary adjustments or you could be in trouble. The flight scenarios are infinite.

You also have your own private aircraft museum. Even though it is virtual, you  can still fly these beauties any time you want. It’s like going over to the Smithsonian and flying your pick of any historic aircraft on site. Chances are, many of those legendary aircraft are in your collection of over 120 airplanes and helicoptors.

Feel The Thrill Of Flight!

Go back in time and fly an old Sopwith Camel from World War 1. Here’s my favorite, the mighty North American P-51 Mustang with it’s powerful Merlin engine. If that’s not exciting enough, take a flight in Lockheed Martin’s SR-71 Backbird. Fly the legendary plane that broke a speed record on nearly every flight.

She even broke the speed record on her last flight which she still holds today! The most white knuckle experience you can have as a pilot is landing your McDonnell Douglas FA-18 Super Hornet on the deck of an aircraft carrier at night in a thunderstorm. This is just a few of the things you can do with Pro Flight Simulator.

Once you visit Pro Flight Simulator’s official website. You can see what seems to be endless features and bonuses. There is also a section for testimonials. Read what other Pro Flight Simulator pilot’s have to say about this amazing ahead of it’s time, flight simulator game. It is one five star testimonial after another.

*Screenshot from Pro Flight Simulator’s (OFFICIAL WEBSITE!)

Pro Flight Simulator is a whole lot more than just a flight simulator. It’s also an experience that you’ll crave over and over again. This flight simulator is as addicting as any powerful drug. You won’t be able to get enough. Pro Flight Simulator is just that good. Don’t take my word for it. Take a flight and see for yourself.

The thrills and hours of enjoyment are endless. There are so many options and scenarios to choose from. You a guaranteed a new flight experience every time. Unless you like to fly the same route all the time. I’ have never had two flights a like. If you can imagine a scenario, you can fly it. Hopefully!

Be sure to click on the link below and visit Pro Flight Simulator’s official website. They crossed every “t” and dotted every “i”. They spared no expense designing this game! I was able to secure an instant $100 DISCOUNT for my visitors. You also get to test fly your new flight simulator for 60 days with a no questions asked money back guarantee. Completely risk FREE! Start flying today!

Pro Flight Simulator Product ImagePro Flight Simulator

   Product Name: Pro Flight Simulator
   Product Creator: Dan Freeman
   Product Price: $197 $97 (LIMITED TIME ONLY!) $100 Discount!
   Product Website: (OFFICIAL WEBSITE!)
   Jack’s Conclusion Is: 100% RECOMMENDED!



Thank you for reading my brief review of two of the very best online flight simulator games on the market. One more thing I forgot to mention is you can download these flight simulators instantly after completing your transaction. No matter which one of these state-of-the-art flight simulators you choose, you can not go wrong. These flight simulators are 100% RISK-FREE to try, Get ready for take-off! Please leave your own review or comment below. 😉

*Grab your copy of Pro Flight Simulator here:

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ProFlightSimulator Logo

Buy Pro Flight Simulator – Save $100 Today!

Pro Flight Simulator $100 BillBuy Pro Flight Simulator today and save $100 instantly! Yes, you read it correctly. Today is your lucky day! I was able to secure this exclusive discount for YOU. Make sure you act fast! This is a limited time discount. Pro Flight Simulator will not run this special offer to much longer.

Think of it as a virtual hundred dollar bill being handed to you towards your purchase. Courtesy of Pro Flight Simulator. Make sure you take advantage of this rare opportunity before time runs out on this offer. I know I would. Who wouldn’t like to save a hundred bucks.

Below is a screenshot of Pro Flight Simulator’s AMAZING Official demo video. If you want to watch the video, which I highly recommend. All you have to do is click on the image below. You will be taken to Pro Flight Simulator’s (Official Website) to view the video. Enjoy! Make sure your sound is turned on. The video starts automatically.

Pro Flight Simulator Official Demo Video

Once you buy Pro Flight Simulator, you’ll quickly realize you are the proud new owner of a state-of-the-art flight simulator. This is one lean mean flying machine! This flight simulator knows no bounds. Every flight experience is guaranteed to be a new adventure!

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to fly a real-life airplane? Wonder no more! Pro Flight Simulator has got you covered. This flight simulator is intentionally designed to be as realistic as humanly possible. They thought of everything.

Pro Flight Simulator Designed To Be 100% Real

The only difference between ProFlight Simulator and flying a real airplane is, you don’t need a barf bag underneath your seat. This flight simulator is that realistic! If you are flying a Cessna 172, your control panel will be exactly like the control panel in a real-life Cessna 172.

Just like a real airplane, you have to start your engine and prepare for take-off. Contact the tower and request permission for take-off. Give your engine full throttle and off you go! As you climb to 5,000 feet you will notice the ground objects get smaller and smaller.

Pro Flight Simulator Product Large

As you level out at altitude you check your airspeed and heading. You check for weather updates. This is important in places like Florida because a thunderstorm can pop up in a hurry. Especially, in the summer months. That can ruin your day at best or get you killed.

Okay, you won’t get killed flying Pro Flight Simulator. But you can get in trouble in a real-life flying situation like flying in an intense thunderstorm, for example. Pro Flight Simulator allows you to choose unlimited weather conditions to fly in.

Pro Flight Simulator Real Weather

With this one feature alone, how could you get bored with this flight simulator? This is just one of the many fantastic features Pro Flight Simulator has to offer. Let’s dig in to why Pro Flight Simulator is considered to be the Rolls Royce of flight simulators.

Check Out These Cool Features Below

Keep in mind, this is just a hand full of features Pro Flight Simulator has to offer. Please refer to Pro Flight Simulator’s (Official Website) for their complete list of features. You can visit Pro Flight Simulator here:

Fly Over 120 Different Aircraft:

TomcatGo back in time to December 17 , 1903 and be a part of aviation history. Take Wilbur’s place and fly your way in to history. Be the first person to ever pilot a powered aircraft. Or, take another trip in time and fly today’s modern military aircraft.

You Can Even Fly A Helicopter:

Pro Flight Simulator HelicopterChoose between several different types of helicopters. All the flight characteristics of a helicopter are in Pro Flight Simulator. Just like a real helicopter, you have to be on top of your game. If not, that helicopter will beat you every time.

Real-Life Flight Controls:

Pro Flight Simulator ControlsThe planes modeled in Pro Flight Simulator are Modeled exactly like their real-life counterparts. If you are flying a Bonanza G36, then your plane will be exactly like a real Bonanza G36. The flight characteristics and flight controls will perform exactly like the real airplane. It’s almost as good as flying the real plane. Almost!

Realistic Flight Instruments:

Pro Flight Simulator InstrumentsJust like in a real airplane. Your airplane of choice will have the very same flight instruments as it’s real-life counterpart. If you’re flying a Cessna 172, then you’re flight instruments will look and perform exactly like a real Cessna 172. This makes for an authentic flight experience.

Supports Controllers and Hardware:

Pro Flight Simulator ControllerPro Flight Simulator allows you to plug in flight yokes, rudder pedals and more! This will add more realism to your flight experience.

*FREE Upgrades for 5 Whole Years:

Pro Flight Simulator UpgradesAs a special bonus, Pro Flight Simulator will give you 5 years of monthly aircraft updates. Plus, you also get 5 years of yearly software updates as well.

Pro Flight Simulator Runs on Windows & Mac:

Pro Flight Simulator MacPro Flight Simulator was designed to run on all modern operating systems such as Win XP/Vista/7/8/10 32 and 64 bit. You can even fly on a Mac!

This is just the tip of the iceberg! There are many more amazing features I haven’t touched on. You literally are guaranteed a new flight experience every time you power up Pro Flight Simulator. The possibilities are endless. If you can imagine a scenario, you can fly it!

Dan Freeman – Creator of Pro Flight Simulator

I thought it would be important to introduce to you the brains behind Pro Flight Simulator. Below is a screenshot I took from Pro Flight Simulator. There’s a message and a little background information from Dan Freeman himself. You will also see this on the official website.

Dan Freeman Pro Flight Simulator

Now that you met Dan Freeman and know a little bit about Pro Flight Simulator, what do you think? I only touched on a fraction of what this flight simulator is capable of doing. There is so much more to see! All you have to do is click on any of the links on this page to find out more. You can click here:

Meet A Few Satisfied Pilot’s

But, there’s more! Before I get to the really good stuff. Below, is a screenshot from Pro Flight Simulator’s official website. I wanted you to see what Pro Flight Simulator pilot’s have to say about this amazing flight simulator. All of these testimonials are from real people just like you and I.

Pro Flight Simulator Testimonials

Are you ready for the good stuff? In addition to all the features and benefits you get with Pro Flight Simulator. There are 4 bonuses I haven’t talked about yet. These 4 Bonuses are only available if you order today! These bonuses along with your $100 discount earn you over $460 in gifts. The bonuses alone are worth more than $360.

Here Are Your 4 Bonuses (Limited-Time Only!)

*Important to note: These 4 incredible bonuses can be yours only if you order today!

Bonus #1. Interactive Scenery Designer

Pro Flight Simulator Scenery DesignerI really love this software! This software is an interactive scenery designer too for Pro Flight Simulator. Have you ever  played that old game Sim City? It’s not exactly like Sim City, but you can create roads, bridges, cities and much more. This fantastic software allows to create a world all of your own. How Cool is that?

Bonus #2. Kelpie Flight Planner Software

Kelpie Flight PlannerFor those of you that are pilot’s, you know all about flight planning. Just like in real flying, Pro Flight Simulator offers a flight planner software made exclusively for the every day pilot. This is one piece of software you can’t live without. That’s if you want a realistic flight experience.

Bonus #3. Aeron Combat Flight Simulator

Aeron Combat Flight SimulatorJust so you know, this is another flight simulator designed by Dan Freeman to plug in to your Pro Flight Simulator game. Make no mistake about it, if you want to experience real combat flying. Then this flight simulator is a must have. This is my favorite part of the flight simulator. I just love military aircraft!

My favorite all time planes are the Grumman F-14 Tomcat and the legendary North American P-51 Mustang. I mostly fly my Tomcat in to battle. She’s armed with six phoenix missiles. I can actually track six target at one time. I can even fire on all six target simultaneously. If you like having your heart in your throat. Your going to love this!

Everything you would expect in a combat flight simulator games is here. To top it all off! All the realism and authentic flying associated with Pro Flight Simulator is all integrated for the most hair raising experience anywhere online. Don’t forget to check your six or it might be your last flight. See if you got what it takes!

Bonus #4. Professional Airplane Flying Handbook

Pro Flight Simulator Flying HandbookThis amazing book was written by experts. This book will get you ready to fly Pro Flight Simulator. You’ll learn basic maneuvers just like you would in flight school. This book contains 281 pages and hundreds of color photos and illustrations. You’ll actually get to see what you are reading about with hundred of 3D color images that provide a visual explanation like no other book can.

Are You Finally Ready for Take-Off?

With all these bonuses and discounts, how can you go wrong? I know your going to love flying Pro Flight Simulator as much as I do. You are probably not going to need it, but I’ll mention it anyway. Pro Flight Simulator offers a 60 day money back guarantee. That’s 60 days of risk FREE flying!

You are only minutes away from take-off. Buy Pro Flight Simulator today and save $100 and get 4 Bonuses worth more than $360. That’s a gift worth over $460 just for landing on my site! When was the last time someone gave you $460 to buy exactly what you wanted? So, what are you waiting for? Click on the button below. Start flying now! Please ask any questions you may have or add a comment below.

Pro Flight Simulator Product ImagePro Flight Simulator

Flight Sim Name: Pro Flight Simulator
Flight Sim Creator: Dan Freeman
Flight Sim Price: $197 $97 (LIMITED TIME ONLY!) $100 Discount!
Flight Sim Website: (OFFICIAL WEBSITE!)
Jack Says: 100% RECOMMENDED!



*You can Buy Pro Flight Simulator here:

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Virtual Pilot 3D Special Offer 50% Off!

Buy Virtual Pilot 3D – Now $67

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50% Off Virtual Pilot 3DBuy Virtual Pilot 3D today and save $70 instantly. Congratulations! You just earned a 50% DISCOUNT just for being lucky enough to land on my website. Now that you know you are going to get a discount, let’s see what Virtual Pilot 3D is all about!

Before you fly Virtual Pilot 3D, I’m going to reveal everything this awesome flight simulator has to offer. First, I recommend you watch the video below. Click on the screenshot to watch Virtual Pilot 3D’s Official Demo Video. Don’t forget the popcorn.

This flight simulator is way ahead of it’s time. I have flown many, many flight simulators over the years. But nothing could prepare me for what I was about to experience. Ever since my first flight, I am always amazed when I take to the air. You just never know what you are going to get. Just like in real life flying, things can happen in a hurry. You will know exactly what I mean, once you start flying.

Buy Virtual Pilot 3D

If you don’t make corrections and keep on top of your airplane, problems can multiply in seconds. Before you know it, this could be your last flight. I don’t mean to be dramatic. That’s just the everyday life of a pilot. Now, you are just minutes away from a flight experience so realistic you may get air sick.

I’m just kidding, you won’t feel any G forces with Virtual Pilot 3D. Who knows, they may add G forces in one their life-time software updates you get with your purchase. I guess one can only dream. Even without G forces, Virtual Pilot 3D offers an authentic flight experience that is second to none.

Virtual Pilot 3D Product Image Large

Every pilot knows weather plays a critical role in flight. It could be down right life threatening. For example, flying in the southern United States in the summer time can be a tricky thing sometimes. You can take-off  from your local airport in ideal flight conditions. You may start out with clear blue skies and calm winds and fly right into a thunderstorm.

A thunderstorm can pop up out of nowhere quickly. Just like in real-life flying, Virtual Pilot 3D delivers the same type of scenario and countless more. You can try flying in Alaska right in the dead of winter. Experience the challenge of being a real bush pilot. It took me a couple of times, I finally made a successful landing on a icy runway in 50 knot cross-winds.

Virtual Pilot 3D Real Weather

Thank goodness I was flying a flight simulator. Bush pilots do it for real everyday! Better them than me, I’ll stick to flying around the Florida Keys and the Caribbean. It’s much warmer down here. You do have to watch out for thunderstorms. They can kill you just the same if you are not careful.

Just like real life weather, You can fly Virtual Pilot 3d like you would fly a real flight. You can check the weather, take-off and take your chances with mother nature. Or, you can set your flight to any weather condition you can think of. For example, you can take-off in a snowstorm.

This is just one of many features designed into Virtual Pilot 3D. There are way to many to list here. You can see the full list of features on Virtual Pilot 3D’s Official website. I’ll cover some of the best features. so you can look under the hood before you buy it.

Here’s A Short List of Virtual Pilot 3D’s Amazing Features Below:

  • Virtual Pilot 3D FeaturesFly Over 200 Airplanes and Helicopters… You will never get bored flying Virtual Pilot 3D. You have your own private collection of aircraft to choose from. You can fly and wooden and fabric bi-plane from the dawn of aviation or take the ultimate ride aboard the Space Shuttle.
  • Take-Off From over 20,000 Real Airports Around The World… Take-off from LAX in Los Angeles. It will be exactly like sitting on the runway at the real-life airport. If it’s sunset in Los Angeles in real time than it will be sunset when you depart. The graphics are as real as it can get. I fly out of Ft. Lauderdale International all of the time and it looks almost exactly the same in Virtual Pilot 3D. Totally cool!
  • Fly A Real-Life Helicopter… Have you ever imagined what it would be like to fly a helicopter? Well, wonder no more! Now you can feel what it’s like to fly one of the world’s most versatile aircraft.
  • Land on a Real Aircraft Carrier… Experience what few pilots ever get to do. Land and take-off from an aircraft carrier. Featuring the USS Eisenhower and the USS Nimitz.
  • Virtual Pilot 3D Runs On All Versions of Windows and Mac… Now you can take to the skies no matter what kind of computer you may have at home. Fly anywhere in the world while sitting at home in your boxer shorts. There’s no excuse not to go flying today. What are you waiting for?

Advanced Features You Are Going To Love:

Virtual Pilot 3D Advanced Features

  • Realistic Instrument Flying With Autopilot… You can fly your plane just like a real professional pilot does. Fly using or instruments or sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee while the autopilot does the flying for you.
  • Fly Like A Real Airline Pilot… Fly a Boeing 777 from New York to Los Angeles in real time. Go through your checklist and prepare for take-off! Now you can be a Captain of your own airline. Get on board now! Your passengers are waiting.
  • Real Life Air Traffic Control… This feature is absolutely awesome. The Artificial intelligence in Virtual Pilot 3D leads the industry. The simulated (ATC) is miles ahead of the competition. Virtual Pilot 3D’s air traffic control system really does give you the impression that you are talking to a real air traffic controller.
  • Highly Advanced Navigation for Virtual Pilots… Virtual Pilot 3D has all the advanced modern navigation features real pilots have come to expect. With features such as GPS, ILS, VOR and NDB. Advanced navigation features that are sure to help any pilot arrive at their destination.
  • Virtual Pilot 3D Flight PlannerFlight Planner and Scenery Design Software… Imagine being able to design the world the way you want. With Virtual Pilot 3D you can do exactly that and more. You can add cities, buildings, bridges lakes and much, much more. This is a very powerful piece of software that you get exclusively with Virtual Pilot 3D. If that was not enough, you also get flight planner software that works just like a real flight planner. Just fill out the necessary information and your flight plan is ready to go. Just like a real-life flight planner. This is one of my favorite features Virtual Pilot 3D designed into the game.

These are just a few features Virtual Pilot 3D has to offer. There are many more features that make Virtual Pilot 3D the most realistic flight experience on the planet. You have to experience these features to fully appreciate just how realistic Virtual Pilot 3D really is.

I don’t want you to just take my word for it. Take a look below at what Virtual Pilot’s from around the world have to say about this AMAZING flight simulator. These are pilots from all kinds of backgrounds that absolutely love Virtual Pilot 3D!

Virtual Pilot 3D Testimonials

As you can see, this game is loved by these Virtual Pilot 3D enthusiasts. These are honest reviews of Virtual Pilot 3D I got of their official website. Once you fly Virtual Pilot 3D, I think you will agree, this is one flight simulator that sets the standard for the rest.

FREE VIP Membership for Life!

Virtual Pilot 3D Lifetime MembershipWhen ever new scenery or new aircraft are available for Virtual Pilot 3D, you get FREE software updates for life. This special bonus offer is only available if you order today! This is worth $39.95 a month. All for FREE! That’s over a $400 gift for the life-time of the flight simulator.

*Important to note: This is an exclusive offer to Virtual Pilot 3D members. Because of this, there are only a limited number of FREE lifetime membership slots. Be sure to take advantage of the special offer while Free memberships are still available. Once all the memberships are gone. There will be no more available! Better hurry! There are only a handful of memberships left.

Virtual Pilot 3D Start Flying

You are moments away from flying the realistic flight simulator ever created for your home computer. All you have to do now is go to Virtual Pilot 3D’s official website and claim your 50% DISCOUNT that you earned for just visiting my website. It only takes a few minutes to download Virtual Pilot 3D once you complete your transaction.

Are You Ready To Take To The Skies?

As you can clearly see, Virtual Pilot 3D is light years ahead of the competition. There is not even a close second. With features like this, how could you go wrong? Once you buy Virtual Pilot 3D, I think you will agree that this is the best flight simulator to date.

With your FREE life-time updates, you are guaranteed a state-of-the-art-flight simulator for many years to come. And, top top it all off! You get a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee! Fly Virtual Pilot 3D risk FREE for two whole months! I’m sure you can’t wait to start flying! I hope to see you up there soon. Please leave your comments and questions below.

Virtual Pilot 3D Product ImageVirtual Pilot 3D

   Flight Simulator Name: Virtual Pilot 3D
   Flight Simulator Creators: Mark Duran, John Irwin & Ozil Aguirre
   Flight Simulator Price: $137 $67 (Time Limited Offer!) 50% OFF!
   Flight Simulator Website: (The OFFICIAL WEBSITE!)
   Jack’s Recommendation Is: 100% RECOMMENDED!



*Buy Virtual Pilot 3D here:

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Redline Logo

Buy A Flight Simulator Cockpit Today!

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Redline Flight Simulator CockpitBuy a flight simulator cockpit and enhance your simulator beyond your wildest dreams! You haven’t experienced real flying until you feel immersive simulation technology for yourself. A State-of-the-art flight simulator experience designed for home, office or where ever!

For the first time ever, there is an affordable way to get a real arcade experience right in your own home. I have been in the market for a flight simulator cockpit for a while now. They vary in price from very expensive ($50,0000) to inexpensive ($300 or more).

After researching various flight simulator cockpits, I found one that stands above the rest. The Redline GT Game Theater is manufactured by the Chicago Gaming Company. This flight simulator cockpit also doubles as a racing simulator as well. Check out the amazing video below now!

REDLINE GT“Full Immersion Flight Simulator Cockpit”Flight Simulator Games Video Rating

Now that you have seen the video, what do you think? There is no other flight simulator cockpit in it’s class. The immersive simulation technology gives you the sensation of real life flight! The force feedback controls add even more realism.

Just push a button and switch to car simulation mode. Drive at 200 miles an hour and feel the vibration from your seat. You would swear you were driving on the bumpiest road you’ve ever driven on. The steering wheel also has forced feedback control and offers a realistic driving experience.

I know you were looking for a flight simulator cockpit. However, I picked the Redline GT Game Theater because you can fly or drive and a very affordable price. Most pilots want to be race car drivers and most race car drivers want to be pilots. If you are going to spend the money, why not get the best of both worlds.


Redline GT Game Theater Full Immersion Flight Simulator

I’m going to do my absolute best to describe how incredible this simulator really is. I’m going to try. Actually, taking this thing for a spin is the best way to get a feel for what this machine can actually do. I had no idea what I was in for until I took to the air for the very first time. All I have to say is, WOW!

All of the sudden, I felt like a kid again. It reminds me of the flight simulators in the arcades. The only difference is, I have my very own arcade experience in my home. Every time I want to fly my favorite flight simulator. All I have to do is head on over to my man cave.

I mentioned earlier that this simulator is two simulator cockpits in one. This was the biggest reason why I chose Redline GT. I fly flight simulators 90% of the time. Being able to drive the Daytona 500 any time I want to is amazing too. The Redline GT platform is totally flexible. Check out the features below.

REDLINE GT Included Features

Buy A Flight Simulator CockpitFully adjustable five way cockpit allowing you to adjust your seat and controls for maximum comfort; Your adjustments include:

  • Fully adjustable genuine leather racing seat.
  • You can fully tilt your seat! (Quick Tilt Technology)
  • Quickly adjust your pedals back or forward before locking them in to place.
  • Comfortable arm rest for a long flight. You can raise and lock your arm rest quickly when you need them.
  • Easily adjust your steering wheel with telescoping technology.

Drive like real race car driver with the Logitech G27 Driving control system; Here’s what you get:

  • Feel the game with a force feedback steering wheel.
  • Realistic driving with a tri-pedal assembly pack. (Clutch, Brake and Gas Pedal)
  • Shift gears like a pro with a six speed shifter.

Immersive audio surround sound system:

  • Hear the roar of your jet with a 170 watt 5 channel audio amp that is guaranteed to rock your senses!
  • Feel the 100 watt vibration transducer as it rattles the teeth in your head. Feel the power of a missile that got too close for comfort.

Push button game control system:

  • Switch from flying your favorite flight simulator to your favorite racing simulator in the flick of a switch. No need to stop what you are doing to switch cables. Switch from your Playstation to your PC in a fraction of a second!

Better than Arcade quality construction; You get:

  • There is a large rear storage area where you can store all your flight and driving controls along with your Playstation and PC games.
  • Comes with a keyboard and mouse drawer underneath your steering wheel for easy access to your PC.
  • Redline GT has a blue LED system underneath your game creating a blue halo effect while illuminated. Really looks cool!
  • *HDTV not included
  • Fly or drive PC and Playstation games (*PC and Playstation not included)
  • The REDLINE GT Game Theater is made in the U.S.A. and manufactured by the Chicago Gaming Company in Cicero, Illinois.

Redline GT Not IncludedRedline GT Game Theater Dimensions:

  • 82″ Length 35″ Width
  • 30″ Width with out your flight controls
  • 42″ With HDTV (*Not Included)


All these AMAZING features come right out of the box. Even though Redline GT Game Theater comes with out flight controls and an HDTV, this is actually GREAT! Here’s why, unlike the 42″ HDTV they specify. I bought the LG Electronics 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Curved Smart OLED TV from Amazon at the same time I bought the Redline GT.

The curved screen is definitely the way to go. You get the sensation that the you are flying or driving in a real-life environment. I can’t imagine flying without a curved screen HDTV. There is a space in front of the flight simulator cockpit for your recommended 42″ HDTV. My TV wouldn’t fit so I mounted it on the wall.

This actually worked out better because, I was able to mount the TV a couple inches higher and tilt the TV for a better viewing experience. At first, before I powered up the simulator. I thought 55 inches was going to be too big. Boy was I wrong! With the 4K resolution and sheer size give me the most life-like experience you can get!

Are You Ready To Really Feel The Thrill of Flight?

You can easily see why I chose the Redline GT Game Theater. Not only did I get the flight simulator cockpit I was looking for. I also got a racing simulator too. As you climb in to the Redline GT. You get the feeling of sitting in a F-16 fighter jet or a Formula One race car. You get way more than you pay for with this FANTASTIC machine! Please feel free to write your own comment or review below.

Redline Flight Simulator CockpitREDLINE GT Game Theater

   REDLINE GT Manufacturer: Chicago Gaming Co.
   REDLINE GT Price: $3,001.58 $2,951.58 (Special Offer!) $50 OFF!
   Jack Says Buy This Thing! 100% RECOMMENDED!

*You can buy the REDLINE GT Game Theater exclusively at
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Flight Simulator X Logo

Buy Flight Simulator X – From $12.39

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Buy Flight Simulator XBuy Flight Simulator X and get the best flight simulator game ever created for a PC. Many flight simulator pilots will tell you Flight Simulator X is the best game on the market! I fly this simulator more than any other. This by far is my favorite flight simulator of them all. With it’s many expansion packs, the sky is literally the limit!

You will never get tired of flying Flight Simulator X. There are over 24,000 real-life airports to depart from. You can explore the world in high definition. Visit places that you have always dreamed about. You can fly over the Myan pyramids in Mexico or fly over the most famous pyramid of them all in Egypt.

The graphics are spectacular to say the least. You will notice every single detail as you look outside your airplane. The choice of aircraft to fly seems endless. You can fly bi-planes, World War 2 aircraft, modern fighter jets and even the Space Shuttle Atlantis. Take a look at Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X Steam Edition demo video below. This is Microsoft’s latest expansion pack for Flight Simulator X.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X Steam Edition Official TrailerFlight Simulator Games Video Rating

As you can see from Microsoft’s official trailer video for their newest edition, Steam. That this is one awesome flight simulator. Microsoft has led the way in the flight simulator industry since the late 1990’s at least. There are some hardcore flight sim pilots out there. I’m one of them!

My first Microsoft flight simulator I bought was way back in 1998. It was Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator. I have have been a die hard fan of their flight simulators ever since. I have bought every single flight simulator they have made since. Including their newest edition, Steam.

You do have to own Flight Simulator X before you can fly Steam because it is an expansion for the original Flight Simulator X game. Below is a screenshot of Flight Simulator X Gold Edition (My Favorite!). Take a look at the features on the product box.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X Gold EditionFlight Simulator X Gold Edition Box

With Flight Simulator X Gold Edition, you have over 80 missions you can fly. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a test pilot? You don’t have to dream about it anymore. Go back to October 1, 1947 and fly the legendary Bell X-1. Take Chuck Yeager’s place and you be the first person to break the sound barrier.

Flight Simulator X Gold Edition Box Back

You can even test your flying skills in the Bering Sea. Try your hand at search and rescue before time runs out. It only takes a couple of minutes to freeze to death in those cold icy waters. When seconds count, do you have what it takes?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to launch from an aircraft carrier. Well, here’s your chance! Launch from the deck of an aircraft carrier in your F-14 Tomcat. Just like in the movie Top Gun. Or, you can choose a F/A-18 Super Hornet. The choice is all yours to make.

When You buy Flight Simulator X Gold Edition you get Flight Simulator X Deluxe and Flight Simulator X Acceleration expansion packs. This is a really good deal. You have all kinds of unlimited flight scenarios to fly right out of the box.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X Deluxe EditionFlight Simulator X Deluxe Edition Box

Microsoft Flight Simulator X Deluxe Edition adds more features to your existing Flight Simulator X game. These features guarantee you the most realistic flying experience you will ever have. It is almost as good as the real thing. Almost!

Flight Simulator X Deluxe Edition Box Back

Fly over New York City and see the traffic below actually move. You can also fly over the waterway and watch the marine traffic glide through the water as fly high above. Flight Simulator X Deluxe has many bonus features that add so much more to Flight Simulator X.

Here are a few bonus features:

  • Extremely high detailed cities, airports and landmarks from all around the world.
  • Test your flying skills with challenging missions.
  • Multiplayer features like live air traffic control and shared aircraft. You can have a co-pilot.
  • Many more airplanes for you to chose from.
  • There is authentic Pylon Racing, Commercial Aviation and your choice of aircraft for any kind of flying you may be interested in.

With features like these, how can you go wrong with Microsoft Flight Simulator X Gold Edition? Microsoft stands on top of the competition in the flight simulator industry for a reason. All you have to do is fly this flight simulator one time and you will wonder how you ever lived with out it.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X Acceleration Expansion PackFlight Simulator X Acceleration Box

There are three brand new planes released with this expansion pack. The P-51 Mustang, F/A 18A Super Hornet and the EH-101 helicopter. There are six new scenery maps including the infamous Red Bull air race courses. There are also twenty new missions. You can even be a NASA test pilot if you want.

This is just a few options Flight Simulator X has to offer. I can’t put in to words how cool this flight simulator is. Just the name Microsoft Flight Simulator X says it all. If you have never flown Flight Simulator X, you are in for an experience like no other.

Take-Off With Flight Simulator X

Thanks for reading my review of Microsoft Flight Simulator X Gold Edition. As you have read, this flight simulator is a must have for the flight enthusiast. In relation to the video above. Flight Simulator X Steam expansion pack is available for as low as $12.39 on Amazon. You have to have Flight Simulator X for it to work. It’s an add on to Flight Simulator X.

This flight simulator is highly recommended, if you want the most realistic flight simulator experience money can buy. All the thrill of flight comes with Flight Simulator X. You will never want to fly another flight simulator again. Flight Simulator X Gold Edition and it’s expansion packs are exclusively available at Fly safe! Please don’t forget to leave your questions or comments below.

Buy Flight Simulator XFlight Simulator X Gold Edition

   Flight Simulator X Gold Edition Manufacturer: Microsoft
   Flight Simulator X Gold Edition Price: $179.88
   Flight Simulator X Gold Edition Sold at: (OFFICIAL WEBSITE!)
   Jack Says Fly This Sim! 100% RECOMMENDED!
*From Other Sellers on Amazon: 23 New & Used Starting From $63.99
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TrackIR 5 Head Tracking Device – A Gaming Evolution!

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TrackIR Product ImageThe TrackIR 5 Head Tracking Device adds an element to your flight simulator experience you are not going to believe! You can now view your simulation in a whole new way. Imagine being able to look around your cockpit completely hands FREE! This comes in handy when you are in the middle of a dog fight.

How many times have you been shot down trying to use the hat on your joystick to pan around and zoom? It only takes a split second to get blown out of the sky. With the TrackIR 5, you will be able to spot your adversary when seconds count the most. This is gaming technology at it’s best!

I can’t describe in words how the TrackIR changes the way you interact with your flight simulator. Check out the TrackIR demonstration video below. Warren Blyth from NaturalPoint, will demonstrate and explain how TrackIR will enhance your flight, racing or combat simulation experience. You are absolutely going to love this video!

TrackIR Video DemonstrationFlight Simulator Games Video Rating

You just watched next generation gaming at it’s best. What do think? I can’t imagine flying around with out the TrackIR 5. You will gain a whole new perspective with this awesome piece of technology. It’s one of those things you will not be able to do with out once you experience it.

This is a gaming experience evolution! The demonstration video above shows you how you will interact with your flight simulator. Even though you get a sense for what TrackIR is all about. You have no idea what you are in for until you try it. You will not be able to live with out it!

For example, could you imagine life with out your smart phone? I’m old enough to remember the days before the cell phone came along. We never missed it, because it never existed before. Can you imagine flying your flight simulator with out the TrackIR? I sure can’t!

TrackIR 5 Premium Head Tracking For GamingTrackIR 5 Premium Head Tracking For Gaming

Below is a screenshot of the back of TrackIR product packaging. You can see some of the features the TrackIR has to offer such as head movement. I will completely cover how TrackIR tracks your head movement in a few moments. This is what gives you the most realistic flight simulation experience you can get!

TrackIR Product Image Back

I’m going to get in to a lot more detail on the features below. I just wanted you to get a look for yourself what the product packaging looks like. So you can get a better idea of what you are going to get. Okay, lets take a look at what makes TrackIR work the way it does.

TrackIR 5 Gives You 6 Degrees Of MovementTrackIR 6 Degrees Of Movement

  1. Yaw: Turn your head left or right.
  2. Pitch: Move your head forward and backward. You can look up or down by moving your head.
  3. Roll: Tilt your head from side to side for tilted angles.
  4. Lean: You can lean left or right. For example, in a combat simulation you can lean right or left to peek around a wall.
  5. Raise: You can raise your body up or down to get a better view over the front of your plane. This comes in handy when you line up for your final approach.
  6. Zoom: Move your body forward and backward. Gives you a closer look at your control panel when you lean forward.

TrackIR 5 Provides Precise TrackingTrackIR Precise Tracking

TrackIR can focus in on 1/150th of a pixel! This ability alone makes TrackIR 5 the best head tracking device money can buy. There is no other head tracking device on the market that even comes close. There are imitators out there. Be careful what you buy. If it’s not a TrackIR, do not buy it!

  • 51.7° Field of view
  • 640 × 480 Raw Resolution
  • 9 MS Response Time
  • 120 FPS Sample Rate

TrackIR 5 Is Designed For GamersTrackIR Software

Lucky for you, TrackIR is user friendly right out of the box. Use can use one of several pre-configured profiles to start flying right away!

Or, you can use TrackIR’s advanced software and configure each individual axis exactly to your liking. I have never used this feature.

The pre-configured profiles work perfectly for me. The TrackIR works exactly like you saw in the video above. It’s ready to use as soon as you hook it up!

TrackIR 5 Tech SpecsTrackIR Tech Specs

TrackIR 5 Is Fully AdjustableTrackIR Is Fully Adjustable

With these features, TrackIR is GUARANTEED to take your flight simulator experience to a level you will not believe! This upgrade is better than buying a flight control panel. Here’s why, if you are flying Flight Simulator X for example. You can use TrackIR to zoom in on your control panel.

If you have a touch screen desktop, like I do. You can touch the screen to turn on your carburetor heat if you are flying a Cessna 172. There’s no need for a keyboard and mouse. You can keep your eye on the sky instead of looking for what button to push. All you need is a control yoke or flight stick if you are flying a military jet.

Immerse Yourself In The Game With TrackIR 5

I think I covered everything, there is nothing negative to say. TrackIR is next generation gaming. As realistic as today’s flight simulators are, this goes above and beyond to give you an authentic life like flying experience. Like I said earlier, you will not be able to fly with out the TrackIR ever again!

Go ahead and literally get your head in the game! I highly recommend you buy the TrackIR 5 before you buy any other flight simulator accessory. This may be the last thing you ever need to buy. That’s how AWESOME the TrackIR 5 Premium Head Tracking system really is! Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have below.

TrackIR Product ImageTrackIR 5

   TrackIR 5 Manufacturer: NaturalPoint
   TrackIR 5 Price: $149.99
   TrackIR 5 Sold at: (OFFICIAL WEBSITE!)
   Jack Says: 100% RECOMMENDED!
*Other Sellers on Amazon Have: 17 Used & New From $112.49
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