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Buy A Flight Simulator Cockpit Today!

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Redline Flight Simulator CockpitBuy a flight simulator cockpit and enhance your simulator beyond your wildest dreams! You haven’t experienced real flying until you feel immersive simulation technology for yourself. A State-of-the-art flight simulator experience designed for home, office or where ever!

For the first time ever, there is an affordable way to get a real arcade experience right in your own home. I have been in the market for a flight simulator cockpit for a while now. They vary in price from very expensive ($50,0000) to inexpensive ($300 or more).

After researching various flight simulator cockpits, I found one that stands above the rest. The Redline GT Game Theater is manufactured by the Chicago Gaming Company. This flight simulator cockpit also doubles as a racing simulator as well. Check out the amazing video below now!

REDLINE GT“Full Immersion Flight Simulator Cockpit”Flight Simulator Games Video Rating

Now that you have seen the video, what do you think? There is no other flight simulator cockpit in it’s class. The immersive simulation technology gives you the sensation of real life flight! The force feedback controls add even more realism.

Just push a button and switch to car simulation mode. Drive at 200 miles an hour and feel the vibration from your seat. You would swear you were driving on the bumpiest road you’ve ever driven on. The steering wheel also has forced feedback control and offers a realistic driving experience.

I know you were looking for a flight simulator cockpit. However, I picked the Redline GT Game Theater because you can fly or drive and a very affordable price. Most pilots want to be race car drivers and most race car drivers want to be pilots. If you are going to spend the money, why not get the best of both worlds.


Redline GT Game Theater Full Immersion Flight Simulator

I’m going to do my absolute best to describe how incredible this simulator really is. I’m going to try. Actually, taking this thing for a spin is the best way to get a feel for what this machine can actually do. I had no idea what I was in for until I took to the air for the very first time. All I have to say is, WOW!

All of the sudden, I felt like a kid again. It reminds me of the flight simulators in the arcades. The only difference is, I have my very own arcade experience in my home. Every time I want to fly my favorite flight simulator. All I have to do is head on over to my man cave.

I mentioned earlier that this simulator is two simulator cockpits in one. This was the biggest reason why I chose Redline GT. I fly flight simulators 90% of the time. Being able to drive the Daytona 500 any time I want to is amazing too. The Redline GT platform is totally flexible. Check out the features below.

REDLINE GT Included Features

Buy A Flight Simulator CockpitFully adjustable five way cockpit allowing you to adjust your seat and controls for maximum comfort; Your adjustments include:

  • Fully adjustable genuine leather racing seat.
  • You can fully tilt your seat! (Quick Tilt Technology)
  • Quickly adjust your pedals back or forward before locking them in to place.
  • Comfortable arm rest for a long flight. You can raise and lock your arm rest quickly when you need them.
  • Easily adjust your steering wheel with telescoping technology.

Drive like real race car driver with the Logitech G27 Driving control system; Here’s what you get:

  • Feel the game with a force feedback steering wheel.
  • Realistic driving with a tri-pedal assembly pack. (Clutch, Brake and Gas Pedal)
  • Shift gears like a pro with a six speed shifter.

Immersive audio surround sound system:

  • Hear the roar of your jet with a 170 watt 5 channel audio amp that is guaranteed to rock your senses!
  • Feel the 100 watt vibration transducer as it rattles the teeth in your head. Feel the power of a missile that got too close for comfort.

Push button game control system:

  • Switch from flying your favorite flight simulator to your favorite racing simulator in the flick of a switch. No need to stop what you are doing to switch cables. Switch from your Playstation to your PC in a fraction of a second!

Better than Arcade quality construction; You get:

  • There is a large rear storage area where you can store all your flight and driving controls along with your Playstation and PC games.
  • Comes with a keyboard and mouse drawer underneath your steering wheel for easy access to your PC.
  • Redline GT has a blue LED system underneath your game creating a blue halo effect while illuminated. Really looks cool!
  • *HDTV not included
  • Fly or drive PC and Playstation games (*PC and Playstation not included)
  • The REDLINE GT Game Theater is made in the U.S.A. and manufactured by the Chicago Gaming Company in Cicero, Illinois.

Redline GT Not IncludedRedline GT Game Theater Dimensions:

  • 82″ Length 35″ Width
  • 30″ Width with out your flight controls
  • 42″ With HDTV (*Not Included)


All these AMAZING features come right out of the box. Even though Redline GT Game Theater comes with out flight controls and an HDTV, this is actually GREAT! Here’s why, unlike the 42″ HDTV they specify. I bought the LG Electronics 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Curved Smart OLED TV from Amazon at the same time I bought the Redline GT.

The curved screen is definitely the way to go. You get the sensation that the you are flying or driving in a real-life environment. I can’t imagine flying without a curved screen HDTV. There is a space in front of the flight simulator cockpit for your recommended 42″ HDTV. My TV wouldn’t fit so I mounted it on the wall.

This actually worked out better because, I was able to mount the TV a couple inches higher and tilt the TV for a better viewing experience. At first, before I powered up the simulator. I thought 55 inches was going to be too big. Boy was I wrong! With the 4K resolution and sheer size give me the most life-like experience you can get!

Are You Ready To Really Feel The Thrill of Flight?

You can easily see why I chose the Redline GT Game Theater. Not only did I get the flight simulator cockpit I was looking for. I also got a racing simulator too. As you climb in to the Redline GT. You get the feeling of sitting in a F-16 fighter jet or a Formula One race car. You get way more than you pay for with this FANTASTIC machine! Please feel free to write your own comment or review below.

Redline Flight Simulator CockpitREDLINE GT Game Theater

   REDLINE GT Manufacturer: Chicago Gaming Co.
   REDLINE GT Price: $3,001.58 $2,951.58 (Special Offer!) $50 OFF!
   Jack Says Buy This Thing! 100% RECOMMENDED!

*You can buy the REDLINE GT Game Theater exclusively at
Flight Simulator Games Amazon

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TrackIR 5 Head Tracking Device – A Gaming Evolution!

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TrackIR Product ImageThe TrackIR 5 Head Tracking Device adds an element to your flight simulator experience you are not going to believe! You can now view your simulation in a whole new way. Imagine being able to look around your cockpit completely hands FREE! This comes in handy when you are in the middle of a dog fight.

How many times have you been shot down trying to use the hat on your joystick to pan around and zoom? It only takes a split second to get blown out of the sky. With the TrackIR 5, you will be able to spot your adversary when seconds count the most. This is gaming technology at it’s best!

I can’t describe in words how the TrackIR changes the way you interact with your flight simulator. Check out the TrackIR demonstration video below. Warren Blyth from NaturalPoint, will demonstrate and explain how TrackIR will enhance your flight, racing or combat simulation experience. You are absolutely going to love this video!

TrackIR Video DemonstrationFlight Simulator Games Video Rating

You just watched next generation gaming at it’s best. What do think? I can’t imagine flying around with out the TrackIR 5. You will gain a whole new perspective with this awesome piece of technology. It’s one of those things you will not be able to do with out once you experience it.

This is a gaming experience evolution! The demonstration video above shows you how you will interact with your flight simulator. Even though you get a sense for what TrackIR is all about. You have no idea what you are in for until you try it. You will not be able to live with out it!

For example, could you imagine life with out your smart phone? I’m old enough to remember the days before the cell phone came along. We never missed it, because it never existed before. Can you imagine flying your flight simulator with out the TrackIR? I sure can’t!

TrackIR 5 Premium Head Tracking For GamingTrackIR 5 Premium Head Tracking For Gaming

Below is a screenshot of the back of TrackIR product packaging. You can see some of the features the TrackIR has to offer such as head movement. I will completely cover how TrackIR tracks your head movement in a few moments. This is what gives you the most realistic flight simulation experience you can get!

TrackIR Product Image Back

I’m going to get in to a lot more detail on the features below. I just wanted you to get a look for yourself what the product packaging looks like. So you can get a better idea of what you are going to get. Okay, lets take a look at what makes TrackIR work the way it does.

TrackIR 5 Gives You 6 Degrees Of MovementTrackIR 6 Degrees Of Movement

  1. Yaw: Turn your head left or right.
  2. Pitch: Move your head forward and backward. You can look up or down by moving your head.
  3. Roll: Tilt your head from side to side for tilted angles.
  4. Lean: You can lean left or right. For example, in a combat simulation you can lean right or left to peek around a wall.
  5. Raise: You can raise your body up or down to get a better view over the front of your plane. This comes in handy when you line up for your final approach.
  6. Zoom: Move your body forward and backward. Gives you a closer look at your control panel when you lean forward.

TrackIR 5 Provides Precise TrackingTrackIR Precise Tracking

TrackIR can focus in on 1/150th of a pixel! This ability alone makes TrackIR 5 the best head tracking device money can buy. There is no other head tracking device on the market that even comes close. There are imitators out there. Be careful what you buy. If it’s not a TrackIR, do not buy it!

  • 51.7° Field of view
  • 640 × 480 Raw Resolution
  • 9 MS Response Time
  • 120 FPS Sample Rate

TrackIR 5 Is Designed For GamersTrackIR Software

Lucky for you, TrackIR is user friendly right out of the box. Use can use one of several pre-configured profiles to start flying right away!

Or, you can use TrackIR’s advanced software and configure each individual axis exactly to your liking. I have never used this feature.

The pre-configured profiles work perfectly for me. The TrackIR works exactly like you saw in the video above. It’s ready to use as soon as you hook it up!

TrackIR 5 Tech SpecsTrackIR Tech Specs

TrackIR 5 Is Fully AdjustableTrackIR Is Fully Adjustable

With these features, TrackIR is GUARANTEED to take your flight simulator experience to a level you will not believe! This upgrade is better than buying a flight control panel. Here’s why, if you are flying Flight Simulator X for example. You can use TrackIR to zoom in on your control panel.

If you have a touch screen desktop, like I do. You can touch the screen to turn on your carburetor heat if you are flying a Cessna 172. There’s no need for a keyboard and mouse. You can keep your eye on the sky instead of looking for what button to push. All you need is a control yoke or flight stick if you are flying a military jet.

Immerse Yourself In The Game With TrackIR 5

I think I covered everything, there is nothing negative to say. TrackIR is next generation gaming. As realistic as today’s flight simulators are, this goes above and beyond to give you an authentic life like flying experience. Like I said earlier, you will not be able to fly with out the TrackIR ever again!

Go ahead and literally get your head in the game! I highly recommend you buy the TrackIR 5 before you buy any other flight simulator accessory. This may be the last thing you ever need to buy. That’s how AWESOME the TrackIR 5 Premium Head Tracking system really is! Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have below.

TrackIR Product ImageTrackIR 5

   TrackIR 5 Manufacturer: NaturalPoint
   TrackIR 5 Price: $149.99
   TrackIR 5 Sold at: (OFFICIAL WEBSITE!)
   Jack Says: 100% RECOMMENDED!
*Other Sellers on Amazon Have: 17 Used & New From $112.49
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