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There is more to flight simulator games than just flying them with your keyboard or game controller. There are flight simulator accessories as well. You can enhance your flight simulator experience exponencially by adding a control yoke.

Adding rudder pedals and flight gauges make flying more authentic. Flight simulators are so realistic these days. Flight Instructors actually use flight simulators for training pilots. Militaries all around the world use flight simulators to train their front line pilots.

If flight simulators are good enough for national security, they are definitely good enough for a student pilot. I will be reviewing as many flight simulator accessories as I can find. These accessories really enhance your flight simulator and gives you a feel for what it’s like to fly a real airplane. Minus the G-Forces of course.

Flight Simulator Accessories Pack

What Flight Simulator Accessories Are Available?

If you can think of it, they probably make it. Most of the accessories I’ll review are made by Saitek. They make some of the best flight simulator accessories on the market. You can add an Attitude Indicator or how about an Airspeed Indicator?

Or, you can create your own fully equipped home flight simulator. You can buy it one piece at a time or buy the whole thing at once. You can also fly your simulator the old fashioned boring way with a keyboard. The choice is yours.

Fly your flight simulator the way it was meant to be flown. Add realism like never before to your flying experience. If you have any questions about flight simulator accessories or flight simulator games, please feel free to contact me anytime. Thank you!

Flight Simulator Accessories Cockpit

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