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The Best Online Flight Simulator Games Are

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The two best online flight simulator games are Virtual Pilot 3D and Pro Flight Simulator. Here’s why, These two flight simulators offer the most realistic flight experience money can buy. Not nearly as much money compared to other well known flight simulators on the market today.

We’ll get to the money part later.  There are many more reasons why Virtual Pilot 3D and Pro Flight Simulator are the two best flight simulator games available today. I have flown both flight simulators. These simulators rule the skies! Fly at Mach 2 or fly at a slower pace. How about, 110 knots on a cross country flight.

Now, before I go any further. I want to let you know. I consider these two flight simulators to be in a separate category from the other well known flight simulators. Flight simulators like Microsoft and X-Plane for example. Sell a physical product that you insert into your game console or computer.

Screenshot Virtual Pilot 3D Pro Flight Simulator*Screenshots from Pro Flight Simulator’s & Virtual Pilot 3D’s (OFFICIAL WEBSITES!)

Unlike those flight simulators, Virtual Pilot 3D and Pro Flight Simulator are digital products. This means that you can download the game immediately after purchase. There’s no need to wait one or two weeks for shipping and handling. You can literally start flying in mere minutes from now.

It is for this reason among many others. I consider Pro Flight Simulator and Virtual Pilot 3D the best flight simulators in the digital market. Which ever flight simulator you decide to buy, I think you’ll agree. Another advantage you have is both flight simulators offer FREE life-time updates for life!

This includes new airplanes and helicopters. Updates will also include software such as scenery and graphics. This is such a huge benefit. You flight simulator continues to improve for its entire life-time. Try and buy a game for your PS3 or Xbox and see if those games offer FREE updates forever.

Virtual Pilot 3D Is One Of The Best Online Flight Simulator Games Period

Virtual Pilot 3D Logo 2

I chose Virtual Pilot 3D as the best of the two. It really was a toss up. Both flight simulators offer almost the same amount of features. So, what’s so special about Virtual Pilot 3D? The answer is, everything! They really left no stone unturned. Their attention to every detail is second to none.

The creators are Mark Duran, Ozil Aguirre and John Irwin. These three guys are geniuses. They created the most realistic flight simulator I have ever flown. The graphics are FANTASTIC! Depending on your computers capabilities, of course. Prepare to be amazed!

Virtual Pilot 3D Video*Screenshot from Virtual Pilot 3D’s Demo Video (OFFICIAL WEBSITE!)

If you want a realistic flight experience, Virtual Pilot 3D is for you. How realistic you ask? See for yourself and take a flight over New York city at noon on a clear day. You are cruising along at say 3,000 feet. Take a look below and you can actually see the traffic below. When I see all that traffic, it makes me remember why I love to fly.

I have a 27 inch Apple with 4K resolution. The eye popping graphics this flight simulator provides me looks incredible on my computer. This giant screen gives you the illusion of actual flight, without leaving the ground. I wish this flight simulator was around in the late 1980’s when I was a young wide-eyed student pilot.

Did You Know?

Virtual Pilot 3D is FAA Certified and is used for live training worldwide to train professional pilots. That’s right! You can actually use this flight simulator as a training platform. I’m not saying you don’t need a qualified flight instructor. You most certainly do. However, You can train with this flight simulator and save money.

Hours and money can add up quick. If you don’t have deep pockets, you might not be able to finish getting your pilot’s license. Trust me, I know. When I was in my early twenties, I worked two jobs and still never seemed to have enough money for everything I needed. It took far longer to get that license than it should have.

Virtual Pilot 3D FAA Certified*Screenshot from Virtual Pilot 3D’s (OFFICIAL WEBSITE!)

With today’s flight simulators such Virtual Pilot 3D, a lot of that train can be done without fuel, maintenance on the aircraft etc. Flight simulators are efficient and a proven method for training pilots. It’s the most cost effective way to do it. There are other benefits as well. The sky really is the limit as far as utilizing flight simulators for your training.

You still need real hours in the air, but you can practice being a proficient pilot without the hourly rate. Imagine how impressed your flight instructor will be when you climb aboard your Cessna and know exactly what to do. The key to being a good pilot is repetition. Flight simulators offer the best platform to sharpen your skills.

Here Are Just A Few Features Pilot’s Love

   #1. There are over 200 Airplanes and Helicoptors to choose from
   #2. Take-off from over 20,000 real airports from around the world
   #3. Real clickable cockpits (You actually control the plane)
   #4. Real life flight characteristics (Experience weather conditions night or day)

This is just a few of the many features this awesome flight simulator has to offer. Click on the link below now! Visit Virtual Pilot 3D’s official website and check it out for yourself. I promise you won’t be disappointed. I was also able to arrange a 50% DISCOUNT for you. There is also a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee. There’s no risk to you at all!

Virtual Pilot 3D Product ImageVirtual Pilot 3D

   Product Name: Virtual Pilot 3D
   Product Creators: John Irwin, Ozil Aguirre & Mark Duran
   Product Price: $137 $67 (LIMITED TIME ONLY!) 50% OFF!
   Product Website: (OFFICIAL WEBSITE!)
   Jack’s Verdict Is: 100% RECOMMENDED!



*You can pick up your copy of Virtual Pilot 3D here:

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The Second Best Flight Simulator Is Pro Flight Simulator

Pro Flight Simulator Logo 2

I mentioned earlier that it was a real toss up which flight simulator was the best. Some may actually like Pro Flight Simulator more than I do. Either way, you can’t choose a bad flight simulator here. There are a few differences, but not enough to separate the two. Just like Virtual Pilot 3D, Pro Flight Simulator has great graphics.

Just flying over Paris on a clear night will give you the feeling of really being there. The clouds move in real time with birds flying right next to you. The realism is breath-taking! I could go on but I can’t completely describe the graphics to you. You have to experience this awesome flight sim for yourself.

Pro Flight Simulator Video*Screenshot from Pro Flight Simulators’s Demo Video (OFFICIAL WEBSITE!)

Just like Virtual Pilot 3D the attention to detail is what sets these two flight simulators apart from their competitors. If you’re a pilot, you can file a flight plan and take-off to your favorite destination. Or, you can just fly for fun and sight see your way around the world. Fly for real or fun, the choice is yours!

Check Some Of These Features Out!

   #1. It is designed specifically to be REALISTIC
   #2. Fly over 120 Helicoptors & Airplanes
   #3. Fly in rain, wind and snow (Featuring NOAA Weather Service)
   #4. There’s even a multiplayer mode (Featuring Google Maps)

There are many more features that are designed into this wonderful flight simulator. This is the closest you can get to flying a real airplane. The realism is absolutely stunning! If you are not careful, you can easily get lost in the sights and sounds of the simulator and forget to fly your plane.

I’ve crashed a few times sight seeing. You can also fly in any weather condition you want. This is absolutely my favorite part of this flight simulator. You can practice landing in windy and rainy conditions. You will actually have to fly your plane and make to necessary adjustments or you could be in trouble. The flight scenarios are infinite.

You also have your own private aircraft museum. Even though it is virtual, you  can still fly these beauties any time you want. It’s like going over to the Smithsonian and flying your pick of any historic aircraft on site. Chances are, many of those legendary aircraft are in your collection of over 120 airplanes and helicoptors.

Feel The Thrill Of Flight!

Go back in time and fly an old Sopwith Camel from World War 1. Here’s my favorite, the mighty North American P-51 Mustang with it’s powerful Merlin engine. If that’s not exciting enough, take a flight in Lockheed Martin’s SR-71 Backbird. Fly the legendary plane that broke a speed record on nearly every flight.

She even broke the speed record on her last flight which she still holds today! The most white knuckle experience you can have as a pilot is landing your McDonnell Douglas FA-18 Super Hornet on the deck of an aircraft carrier at night in a thunderstorm. This is just a few of the things you can do with Pro Flight Simulator.

Once you visit Pro Flight Simulator’s official website. You can see what seems to be endless features and bonuses. There is also a section for testimonials. Read what other Pro Flight Simulator pilot’s have to say about this amazing ahead of it’s time, flight simulator game. It is one five star testimonial after another.

*Screenshot from Pro Flight Simulator’s (OFFICIAL WEBSITE!)

Pro Flight Simulator is a whole lot more than just a flight simulator. It’s also an experience that you’ll crave over and over again. This flight simulator is as addicting as any powerful drug. You won’t be able to get enough. Pro Flight Simulator is just that good. Don’t take my word for it. Take a flight and see for yourself.

The thrills and hours of enjoyment are endless. There are so many options and scenarios to choose from. You a guaranteed a new flight experience every time. Unless you like to fly the same route all the time. I’ have never had two flights a like. If you can imagine a scenario, you can fly it. Hopefully!

Be sure to click on the link below and visit Pro Flight Simulator’s official website. They crossed every “t” and dotted every “i”. They spared no expense designing this game! I was able to secure an instant $100 DISCOUNT for my visitors. You also get to test fly your new flight simulator for 60 days with a no questions asked money back guarantee. Completely risk FREE! Start flying today!

Pro Flight Simulator Product ImagePro Flight Simulator

   Product Name: Pro Flight Simulator
   Product Creator: Dan Freeman
   Product Price: $197 $97 (LIMITED TIME ONLY!) $100 Discount!
   Product Website: (OFFICIAL WEBSITE!)
   Jack’s Conclusion Is: 100% RECOMMENDED!



Thank you for reading my brief review of two of the very best online flight simulator games on the market. One more thing I forgot to mention is you can download these flight simulators instantly after completing your transaction. No matter which one of these state-of-the-art flight simulators you choose, you can not go wrong. These flight simulators are 100% RISK-FREE to try, Get ready for take-off! Please leave your own review or comment below. 😉

*Grab your copy of Pro Flight Simulator here:

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8 thoughts on “The Best Online Flight Simulator Games Are

  1. Okay so wow, this is REALLY cool. I didn’t even know until now that this is even a thing?! So awesome that you can tweak the weather conditions and can virtually experience what taking off from real, existing airports is like! My nephew would be interested in this, I am going to send him your way… thanks for a great review!

    1. Hi Jen,

      Thank you for reading my review. There are many more features other than controlling the weather. There are so many variables with Virtual Pilot 3D and Pro Flight Simulator. Every time you fly, you are guaranteed a new experience.

      Just like in real life flying. Thank you for sending your nephew my link. He will not be disappointed! The best thing for him is no matter what flight simulator he chooses. He will get a first class flight simulator for a great price.

      Both flight simulators are offering limited time only discounts. Even though he probably won’t need it. Both flight simulators also offer a 60 day money back guarantee. Both flight simulators come with bonuses as well.

      Thanks again,

  2. Hi Jack,

    seems very realistic what these simulators have to offer. Over 200 different airplaines and helis at virtual 3D pilot, incredible. If I have time left for gaming perhaps I will be checking your site again. It shifted me back in the 90′ , my first flight simulator was f 19 stealth fighter from microprose on my C64.



    1. Hi Oliver,

      You bring back memories, I remember the F-19 Stealth Fighter from Micropose. It was a good simulator for it’s time. Virtual Pilot 3D and Pro Flight Simulator makes those old flight simulators seem like stone age games.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Oliver.


  3. I was drooling as I read about these two simulators. It has been many years since I was in a simulator. Back then when you sat in a 747 simulator it took up a good size room. The hardest thing you had to get use to was being 5 stories up. I look at your simulator and wonder how it is done. Does one need special equipment or does one just use their mouse and key board. After reading what you have written I too believe that the Virtual Pilot 3D is the better of the two.

    1. Hey Chappy,

      Virtual Pilot 3D has a few more things going for it but Pro Flight Simulator performs just as well. Both flight simulators look identical while flying. There are just a few features that make a slight difference between the two.

      You don’t need any special equipment. However, there are tons of flight simulator accessories you can add. These accessories add a more authentic flight experience. (I 100% RECOMMEND!)

      I have a friend who is a flight instructor for on e of the major airlines. I was lucky enough to try out a 777 flight simulator. It was totally awesome! Any one of these two flight simulators are as realistic as possible.

      Add a few flight simulator accessories and you’ll add to your flight experience. You won’y regret it. Click here on Flight Simulators Accessories and see what’s available. Lots of cool upgrades to choose from.

      Thanks for stopping by Chappy


  4. I think the site looks really cool, there is plenty of info to keep me interested and the flight simulator is really cool as well. the only thing i can think that might help people stay involved and active is to maybe add a page for art work, i would like to see this when i come to the site.

    1. Hi Matthew,

      That’s a GREAT idea! I will add a page for art work. Maybe something with aircraft from all eras or screenshots from the different flight simulators. I’m glad you like the site and gave me a great idea to improve the website. If you have an image, send it to me.

      Yours’ could be the first one posted. I might just add a feature where you can upload the image yourself. Thanks again Matthew for your input. Your request will be granted. Check back next week to check out the Artwork page.


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