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Space Shuttle SmithsonianHello, my name is Jack Taylor. Welcome to my website! I am 49 years old and I grew up in Miami, FL. in the 70’s and 80’s while video games were still in their infancy. Heck, I still remember a game called Pong. Pong was a game that was released way back on November 29, 1972.

Atari manufactured the game and it was designed to play on your tv set. It was basically a dot and a couple of lines representing tennis rackets. It was simple, fun and state-of-the-art for it’s time. It was the birth of home video games. Even though I loved the games of the era, My favorite were flight simulator games.

Flight simulator games in the old days were crude compared to what’s on the market today. These ain’t your daddy’s flight simulator games. I own most if not all of them and there are no two alike. That’s why I created flightsimulatorgames.org. Here you will find the world’s best flight simulators.


Here’s What You’ll Find on FlightSimulatorGames.org

You will learn everything you need to know about the flight simulator you are looking for here. We will cover everything! I will post videos and screenshots along with specs and a whole lot more! I will even find the best place to buy your flight simulator. In most cases I am able to secure huge discounts and bonuses for my visitors.

Just like you, I want to know all about the latest flight simulators on the market. Here, we will review all the latest flight simulator games past and present. Believe it or not, I still fly flight simulators that were released back in the 90’s. Some flight simulators never get old. One of my favorite all time flight simulators is Microsoft’s Combat Flight Simulator.

Even though it was released back in 1998, The game still rocks! I will be reviewing all types of different flight simulators. There are flight simulators that can be downloaded to your desktop or flight simulators that can be bought online at Amazon for example. There are flight simulators for home game consoles, tablets and mobile phones as well. We cover it all!

We are a professional website and may receive a commission for the products we recommend. We value our reputation above everything else and do our best to give a complete and bias review. I wish you the best of luck in your quest for the ultimate flight simulator experience. Thank you for visiting my website!

I’ll see you in the air… Happy Flying!

Jack Taylor  😉

Founder and owner of flightsimulatorgames.org


Please feel free to contact me anytime! Your input is important to me.

email: jack@flightsimulatorgames.org

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